Ever since we started working as wedding photographers in Spain, we knew we would do whatever was in our hands to travel to different destinations. Since the very beginning we explained to our clients that we were not limited to San Sebastian or Madrid. Little by little, we started traveling more and the truth is that we have never beeen stuck in the same city for more than two weeks. However, we were still missing something…international clients.

Precisely that is why last year, we applied to become members of Junebug weddings ( the best international wedding directory). After three weeks of sore fingers (try to keep them crossed for that long and you´ll understand), we finally got accepted. Since then, pretty much half of our enquiries come from English, Swiss, German or Americans that come to have their destinations weddings organized in Spain.

That is how we met Ailionora and Colm. This lovely Irish couple, is madly in love with our country and that is why they chose Girona to celebrate their intimate Spanish destination wedding.

Ailionora and Colm, booked this gorgeous casttle for the entire weekend so that their families could get to know each other better. The ambience was fantastic and the wedding really intimate and familiar. Even the priest was an old friend of the family.

We absolutely loved this fantastic family and their fabulous wedding although I have to confess that at some point, we really struggled. The thing is that clumsy David (me), left the keys of the rented car inside the trunk and so for 5 long hours, we thought we would have to go back to Madrid on a breakdown lorry. Luckily, some random policemen showed up just in time to help us open our car.

We really hope you enjoy this intimate destination wedding in Girona as much as we did. Thank you Ailionora and Colm for being such great couple and for making us feel so great.

PS. These are a combination of film photographs (analogue images) digital.

Venue: Castell D´empordà