Almost a year ago, Cara & Liam contacted us via email. After weeks of trying to schedule a skype meeting that would suit all of us, we finally made it happen on a Sunday evening and talked about their outdoors destination wedding in La Tria and soon explained me the reason behind their crazy calendars: “ We live in Beijing and will be traveling to Spain for the wedding (I’m American and Liam is British). Since we live overseas our friends and family will be traveling to Spain from almost every continent, so the photos of everyone are incredibly important to us”. 

Once I discovered what they had planned for their outdoors destination wedding in La Tria, I run to my computer to block the date. So exciting…A country house weekend wedding at La Tria.

La Tria is a traditional Catalan country house with more than 300 years of history. Situated near Barcelona. Surrounded by woods and open fields, it provides a fantastic atmosphere for a wedding.

After daydreaming for a while, I immediately called Andrea really excited to tell her more about the details. But, little did I know…

As soon as I told her the date, Andrea slapped me in the face with reality. She told me, that neither of us would be able to cover the wedding.  She would be 8 months pregnant that day, and  I had already  booked a wedding  for the same day.  I simply couldn´t do it…I almost cried…They seemed so friendly these guys…I really wanted to…

I was so terribly sad about it…I mean, it was meant to be the wedding of the year!! In case you don´t know, Barcelona is one of my favorite destinations when it comes to weddings, and we are particularly fond of photographing thereDestination weddings there are pretty much always intimate, more casual,  full of emotions and bathed by the most amazing light…

Eventually I called Cara and Liam again and we discussed the possibility of  Xabi and Bernardita photographing their event.  I was absolutely convinced that they would do an amazing job (they always do) and luckily, C&L booked us either way.

I still remember the day after the wedding. Bernardita called me really excited to tell me how gorgeous this wedding had been, and no wonder why. Cara & Liam had chosen Mireia Carrera (Bedalia bodas) as their wedding planner, and she always does an amazing job.  Cara looked so stunning that day…she wore a custom-made wedding dress by China-Lin´s bridal, and her crown and flowers bouquet were done by Valentina Nero who they randomly met in the flower market two days before.

The catering was organized by veintiuno de marzo catering services and the officient was Xavier Ortiz. I hope you guys enjoy this wedding as much as they did.