Destination wedding France


It was roughly this time last year, when we met Noemie & Stephen for the first time. We met them at Simon and Cheryl´s wedding which just so happens to be one of our favourite weddings , so as you would imagine, when they contacted us to see if we were able to shoot their wedding in France, we got extremely excited about it. We knew these two loved each other very much so we decided to spend a week in Paris to plan everything ahead properly and also, because we thought it would give us a great opportunity to shoot some portraits around the streets of Paris. I was so excited about meeting these two again that I even learnt french (not that I used it very much though haha).

The wedding took place at a venue called Moulin Pley which is an old mill located very close to a little town called Nogent le retrou. The day before, Stephen and Noemie had their closest ones come over to have an informal barbecue and they started setting up the venue which was a brilliant idea so that people got some extra time to get to know each other. Even though Stephen and Noemie live now in London, they decided they wanted to get married in this very special venue, where they managed to get together  more than 15 different nationalities.

We hope some of these images manage to make you understand how beautiful and special this destination wedding in France was for us. We truly felt as though we were part of the gang and we enjoyed every minute we spent with these magnificent people.

Also, we had the opportunity to meet Cheryl and Simon again, and we truly hope we can see them all again at some point.

Thank you so much for trusting us. It was an absolute honour to be part of your day.

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