Wedding photographers in Spain, FAQ´s

Q: There is a lot of emotion in your wedding photographs, Are all of your weddings these really that natural and full of emotions? 


A: You would´t believe how many times we have been asked that question by both clients and fellow wedding photographers. Our secret is that we work tirelessly to capture every fleeting moment of authentic emotion. I guess when someone has as a goal to create timeless emotional photographies, he has more chances to capture these priceless moments.

That being said, no matter how well trained your eyes are to capture emotions, if there aren´t any,  it would be quite unrealistic to expect images that bring tears to your eyes.

Documentary wedding photography, for better or for worse, is very closely linked to the ability of the photographer to capture reality in the best possible way.


Q: Is the location important for a wedding?


A: It´s not necessary to pay zillions of euros in order to get beautiful and timeless imagery. Obviously, if you where to get married in an amazing venue such as this Destination outdoors wedding that took place at La Fortaleza in the Balearic Islands or if you where to get changed in a fantastic suite like that of the famous hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian, your chances of getting fabulous photographs at your wedding would definitely increase.

However, what really makes the difference is light. Trust us, some of the best wedding photography in Spain was created in tiny little rooms where you could barely fit but with great lighting.  That is why we always ask you to choose wisely when it comes to “getting ready” locations.  Besides, we are always happy to help you choose so that you don´t need to worry about this.


Q: We are planning an intimate outdoors wedding, only close friends and our most loved ones, Is it possible to have just one of you photographers the event at a reduced rate? 


A: That sounds like the kind of wedding that we would love to document! Now…let´s see if you guys understand “intimate” the same way we do…

For us in Spain, an intimate wedding means immediate family and friends…so yes, if you are talking about a Spanish elopement  or an intimate event  (80 people max.) we will be delighted to discuss this possibility with you. Indeed, those are our favourite weddings.


Q: Do you guys do family formals and portraits? I can´t find them on your website. 


A: Of course we do. Indeed, since it is always two of us, one will be in charge of such portraits whilst the other photographer keeps his eyes peeled for emotional moments or interactions unfolding in the surrounding areas. Even though, we normally don´t show these portraits on our blog, you can find family portraits in this international wedding that took place in la Costa Brava (Spain). 



Q: We don´t quite get the difference between film photography and digital, Is it really worth the investment? 


A: If you are asking us,  then the answer is “hell, yeah!” For a few extra bucks you are accessing a premium service and we are convinced that once you see the results you will love the colors and the feel of the printed proofs in your hands.

Besides, you and your attendees will absolutely love the experience on the wedding day.


When we introduce classic film cameras into our workflow, we send a strong message to the attendees. We emphasize that our film photography will be intentional and artful.

These cameras transport our couples to the past creating a stronger personal connection between photographer and subject. Consequently, people feel more comfortable and less self-aware when being photographed.


Q: We really don´t want to be emailing photographies to our family and friends, Could they possibly get their images from your website? 


A: Once your images have been processed, «dos más en la mesa» will send you all the digital images so that you can distribute these to your beloved ones at no extra cost. However, we do know that this can be quite a tedious process.

If you prefer so, and provided that you communicate it before your wedding day, we will set a  dedicated event where attendees will be able to purchase a set of prints or digital files from us. Individual images will also be available.


Q: Are per diem rates included in your price?                                                                                                                                                                       

A:  Per diem rates have already been included in the transportation rates.  However, we do request all our customers to take care of our menu during the event. There is no need to give us  the same menu that you guys are having at all. However, please specify to the venue that we are adults (not very fond of fish shaped fries anymore haha.)


Q: Do you need to know our wedding details long before the wedding? 


A: It is not that we need them, but the thing is that most probably, it is your first wedding…and obviously, there are many unexpected factors that may come as a surprise to you folks. If you share with us your wedding day details before, we may be able to recommend you certain things that may help you better plan such an important day. We have received loads of emails from newlyweds thanking us for our advice and we love to be of assistance. Besides, these come at no extra cost so fire away.


Q: Can we keep all discarded images? We don´t mind if these are not good… 


A:Unfortunately not. We always make sure to give you a great selection of each of the stages of your wedding day. Trust us, 700 images (we normally give away even more…) are quite a lot. There is a reason why we don´t give you discarded ones. To give you an example, it is as if you were requesting the venue to put all the leftovers in a doggy bag…

It´s not quantity but quality that matters.


Q: Our wedding is in Seville, how much is it for the transportation costs?  

For further information on prices please click here.


Q: We found your website through Junebug  / The Lane and we very much like your work but we would like to combine your photography style with that of other photographers, would you do that for us? 


A: Of course, we can do 30% of Nirav Patel, 40% of Cinzia Bruschini and 30% of us (just kidding…but hey, that would be awesome).

Unfortunately it does not work that way. We can try and adapt certain things to your liking but as in life, you should try and find your perfect match.

We pursue to capture unfolding emotional moments whilst trying not to interfere in the scene. We think that only by doing this, would we succeed in capturing images relevant for generations to come.

We strive to provide you with images that will bring your grandchildren tears, laughter and joy.

Junebug weddings and The lane are just shortlists of some of the best spanish wedding photographers that will definitely help you find your perfect fit. There are thousands of brilliant Spanish photographers that we admire, but we would never try to imitate their style because we believe we have a pretty awesome style of our own…


Q: We don´t live in Madrid, How can we arrange a meeting? 


A: No worries at all! Pretty much half of our weddings are held in other cities. Thanks god we have internet! We can arrange phone calls, FaceTime calls or Skype calls.


Q: Are you guys fluent in english? I have heard that no one in Spain speaks english. 


A. Hahaha, things are changing but yes, us spaniards are not the best english speakers in the world. However, we studied in english schools and lived overseas so, let´s just say that english will not be a problem at all.


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